General Trip Information FAQs For
Celebration Travel

Below, you will find some general information on our most commonly asked questions. Please review your program invoice & registration materials for your specific trip deadlines, policies, & payment schedules.

What do I do if I have any questions about my trip, registration or payments?

If you have any questions about your trip, how to register, how to make payments, trip refund protection, or anything regarding your travel program, please feel free to either email us at or call our Guest Services Department, any Monday – Friday between 8:30am to 4:00pm Pacific Time at 916-939-6805 Opt. 4.

How do I log onto my account online?

Please visit our website 24/7 at  At the top of the screen, an “account login” button. Enter  your last name AND Traveler ID#. If this is your first time logging in, please leave the password field blank and click the log in button. The system will prompt you to make a new password. If at any time you forget your password you can reach out to our guest service team either via email at or phone 916-939-6805 Opt. 4 and our team can reset your password. You will be asked to verify your Traveler ID and additional personal information on your account
for security purposes

What do I do if my school doesn’t come up in the registration search?

If you cannot locate your school when initially registering by entering school name, you can still  register, however, it will require a standard $100 deposit from you regardless of what your groups trip’s deposit amount is. You can call or guest services team for additional assistance if needed.

What forms of payments does WorldStrides accept?

We accept valid credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover Card), Gift Cards, and personal checks. We do not accept America Express or Cash.  See terms & conditions for full explanation.

Who do I make my check payable to?

Please make all checks payable to WorldStrides and always include your traveler ID# and school name.

Can I give my payment to the Organizer/Teacher at my school?

We ask you to make your payment online or call our office for faster processing and a less likely chance of your payment being delayed. Delayed payments will be considered late.

Can I pay my account in full during registration?

Yes. At any time, you may pay your account in full. To pay in full at registration, please change the amount in the payment box and type in the amount you would like to pay.

What is a Traveler ID?

This is your Customer Account Number, which you receive after registering for a WorldStrides trip. It is included in your confirmation letter and on every invoice. You will need this to make payments.  Please include with any correspondence.

When registering online, why might my minimum amount due different than the required deposit?

The amount due to register online depends on the payment schedule for your school/group. If you are registering after any of the payment dates have past, your minimum amount due to register will be inclusive of all payments missed. If you have received an exception or would like to discuss alternative options, please call our guest service team.

Upon Registration, how long will it take for me to receive a confirmation invoice?

Upon online registration you will receive a confirmation email to ensure your registration has been received. An updated invoice will be sent after each initial deposit and payment.  If you would like to request an invoice at any time, please reach out to your Program Manager for assistance.  You may log into your account at any time to check the balance of your trip.

Do you offer Trip Refund protection?

Yes. For domestic travel programs, we offer a Trip Refund Protection (TRP) Program. The TRP is optional and available for a nominal fee, that must be paid in advance in order for your trip to be covered.  Under this optional program, you are eligible for a refund of money paid to WorldStrides (minus the TRP fee and the initial deposit, should you have to cancel in writing, for any reason, up to 24 hours prior to your schedule departure.

  1. For Land Only - non-flight programs (i.e. trips with bus or with no transportation), you have until your final payment date to add and pay for the TRP. After the final payment date, this program can no longer be added, and you will be subject to all terms and conditions for cancellation penalties.
  2. For Flight inclusive programs, the TRP must be purchased within 14 days of the initial registration date. If a customer opts out when they register and changes their mind, within the 2 weeks, they can purchase it through their online account or contact their Program Manager for assistance.  After 14 days of receipt of initial deposit date, the TRP can no longer be added, and you will be subject to all terms and conditions for cancellation penalties.

The TRP is available based on your land only (Bus or no transportation trip) or selected flight inclusive travel program costs and will be listed on your trip itinerary. You may also find the pricing table by reviewing our Term & Conditions

If I did not purchase the TRP, how much am I eligible to receive refund?

If you choose not to purchase the TRP, your right to a refund is limited. If you cancel your trip (for any reason) after the final payment date (listed on your registration form), no refund will be issued.   If you did not purchase the TRP and your trip is cancelled due to a COVID-19 caused shutdowns, you will receive a refund minus a cancellation fee of $149 per person for groups traveling land only (by bus or other non-flight inclusive programs) and $289 per person for flight inclusive travel programs.

Do I have to be paid in full by my final payment date?

Yes. If you are not paid in full by the final payment date, you will be subject to cancellation and the corresponding cancellation penalties.

What if my invoice says “Waiting”.  What does that mean?

You will see “waiting” if you register and the trip is currently full (the trip is either sold out of air/bus seats or if an additional transportation has been requested, then the group is “waiting” for a few more spaces and/or travelers to register in order to receive the group discounted rates). We will continue to monitor the available space and let you know via e-mail as soon as we can guarantee you a seat. You will still need to make payments and pay in full by the final payment date for your reservation to be accepted for active status.  If seats do not open up, then you will be refunded all payments made.

I did not receive an invoice; how do I make a payment?

You do not need an invoice to make a payment. Invoices are sent out approximately 2 weeks prior to the payment due date. If you sign up in-between invoicing dates or if we have an incorrect e-mail address you may not receive an invoice. To make a payment simply call or email our guest services team to update your email address and/or to make your payments. You can also make payments on-line on our secure website (Click here) using your traveler ID#.

When do I let you know whom I want to room with?

Roommates (if applicable) are not assigned/requested until after the final payment date. Rooming will be arranged by the teacher or organizer of the trip. Please send your rooming requests to your teacher or organizer via email. Remember, the price of your trip is based on quad occupancy (4 per room) or quint occupancy (5 per room) based on what hotel your group has been assigned to. Your Organizer will be advised of this information after the final payment date.

How do I cancel my trip?

All cancellations must be in writing. Please e-mail in your cancellation letter with your Name, Traveler ID #, and school name. All cancellation charges will apply. Email