USA Student Travel and Adventures America Are Now WorldStrides

As of 2020, USA Student Travel and Adventures America has been integrated into the WorldStrides.   Moving forward, your travel program will be called WorldStrides Specialty Travel.   Please note the following:

  • NEW REGISTRANT: If you are a new registrant to one of our WorldStrides Specialty Travel Programs (signing up on a former USA Student Travel or Adventures America Trip for the first time), please click on the "Trip Registration" button below*.
  • EXISTING ACCOUNT: If you previously registered with one of our USA Student Travel or Adventures America trip (WorldStrides Specialty Travel Programs) and are looking to sign in and view or make a payment to your account, please click "My Account Login" button below*.
  • For the 2021 travel year, we thank you for your interest and participation.  We are looking forward to a a successful travel season.  Although we don't anticipate any concerns, we do recommend that you consider our low cost travel protection, which we call our TRP (TRP Overview).  If you would like more information on it please see the attached TRP overview and for more information click here to review our complete terms & conditions.

If you need assistance or have any questions for our WorldStrides Specialty Travel Programs, do not hesitate to give us a call Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm PT at (800) 553-4723 or send us an email.



NOTE: The above registration & account login links are for WorldStrides "Specialty Travel Programs" only.  If you are looking to register with a WorldStrides East Coast Trip or and other programs not specifically part of their Specialty Travel Program Division, then utilize the following:
For Domestic and International Educational Travel, Performing Arts, and International Sports: