Reimagining Youth Leadership In The New Normal

Since 1998, the Specialty Travel Programs for WorldStrides has successfully hosted over 40,000 emerging youth leaders from over 15,000 schools. Join us in attending our Youth Leadership Program in either Northern or Southern California.

During our Youth Leadership Programs, your students will learn personal leadership skills and techniques that are needed to be an effective leader and will provide formulas for lifelong success. Plus learn new skills for bringing fun and excitement to your dances, rallies, and events.

WorldStrides is excited to offer trips exclusive to our Youth Leadership Programs at exciting destinations to boost the impact you bring to your school campus!  In addition, WorldStrides can offer teachers Continuing Education Units for participating and Students of the option of earn High School or Pre-College academic credit (Click here for more info on our academic credit programs)

Southern California Leadership Event

Location: TBD
Price: TBD
Date: Friday, January 28, 2022

Northern California Leadership Event

Location: TBD
Price: TBD
Date: March 2022

Aaron Wilson

About Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson is a motivational speaker, singer-songwriter, actor, producer, author, and "uplifter." He is the writer and star of the film “Life As Such” and is the author of “The Point Guard: The 15 Principles of Leadership to Unleash Your Dream.”
Aaron Wilson has a special way to engage students with his energy, message, and charisma. Your students will walk away uplifted from this experience with a positive and exciting outlook on life and the world around them. Aaron’s ability to connect with youth is a pure treasure and joy that you want your audience to experience.
"I have had the opportunity to speak to youth organizations all over the U.S., and I am excited to continue my message and the uplifting movement of Reimagining Youth Leadership In The New Normal.  I continue to see this generation of youth as motivated, resilient leaders, who are ready to kick-start whatever is coming their way!"
- Aaron Wilson

Aaron was out speaker at our annual conference this year and I must say, Aaron has the ability to connect with his audience in a way that is both engaging and impactful. Aaron has this infectious energy and I watched as the students participated in the activities and were engaged throughout the entire presentation. Aaron is a professional, he’s inspirational, and I believe he has a message that is relevant and can reach people right where they are.

Fidel Wilson, MSW, Ed.D

Chair of Minority Male Initiative Conference, Brookdale Community College

Engaging, Enthusiastic, and Captivating. We really enjoyed our time with Aaron and the students really engaged with him throughout the engagement. Aaron has a great way of encouraging students to speak up and be a part of the event as well as giving them the tools to think outside of what they know.

Le Bailey

Director of Student Involvement, Eastern Oregon University

Students were actively engaged in discussions surrounding the importance of having self-confidence and self-assurance to achieve one’s dream. The speech also gave the students the opportunity to see that their peers have similar emotions regarding self-awareness. Students can be inspired by Aaron’s journey to his own self-confidence.

Desiree Singleton

Program Assistant at Gateway to College Program, Massasoit Community College

Aaron helped our students see that everyone is a leader in one or more areas of their lives. It is up to them on how they respond to that call of leadership. Making small conscious choices of leadership, combined with a healthy dose of self-worth is a great start. Thank you, Aaron.

Janet Schweizer

Director of Student Support, Resiliency Preparatory School

2022 Guest Speaker, Aaron Wilson

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