Our Commitment to Health & Safety - For over 55 years, WorldStrides has built a reputation for industry-leading commitment to travel excellence, affordability and safety. As we adapt to our ever-changing environment, WorldStrides will continue to rely on our deep network of safety resources, including our 24/7, year-round emergency On-call center, our exclusive relationship with The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (GWMFA), our inclusive medical insurance, and the many pre-trip trip safety planning resource we offer.

We recognize that your group will have questions about traveling, thus accordingly, WorldStrides continues to evolve our trip protocols so that your group will have the most current travel safety guidelines and enjoy the confidence that your trip will proceed smoothly & safely.  Below are several main areas that WorldStrides and our suppliers are focused on for your future travel.  The information detailed below will continue to evolve over time, and likely differ slightly from group to group, and city to city, because we are committed to getting it right with each travel program.


WorldStrides has an exclusive relationship with The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (GWMFA) providing 24/7/365 access to medical care for all traveling participants. GWMFA operates a Worldwide Emergency Communications Center staffed by EMTs who facilitate access to physicians and Advanced Practice Providers from The George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine.
Through telehealth consultation, medical professionals are available to evaluate health-related concerns and make recommendations for treatment accordingly.


Our safety and security command center! This office is staffed 24/7 by WorldStrides team members who are specially trained to handle any situation – no matter how big or how small.


All your groups will be registered with WorldAssist, our 24/7, on-call office based in Washington DC.  This office is staffed 365 days of the year with trained tour staff monitoring your travel program.  This staff is available for any type of on trip emergency or contingency planning situation.


Our operations staff has strong, long term relationships with our program suppliers nationwide. Our staff will brief you prior to departure on current safety protocols. With safety as our primary objective, WorldStrides will also work with you to adjust your itinerary to account for any new rules for health & safety, venue capacity, social distancing, masks requirements.


We can provide each traveler with disposable masks to help you meet any location requirements for face coverings for activities we do. We'll take breaks for frequent hand washing and upon advanced request, provide hand sanitizer too.


We are working closely with all our venues to ensure we have and follow their guidelines. As an example, Disney may require face covering and social distancing throughout their park(s).


We only utilize the most respectable motor coach companies. Those with the highest safety record and approved health/safety protocols, which would include enhanced cleaning, loading and unloading procedures, coach rest room guidelines, and other procedures to to help keep drivers and travelers safe.


Our hotel partners are deep cleaning and modifying everything from check-in to the way you use the elevator. We're also offering affordable rooming upgrades for participants who request different room occupancy.


When we're selecting restaurants, we will use our local knowledge and strong relationships to choose spots following strict local guidelines and hygiene practices. We will work with restaurants to modify meal plans.



If you are thinking about travel with WorldStrides, we want you to feel confident and comfortable about planning your tour.

*Dr. Neal Sikka, The George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine, and The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates are independent medical providers. WorldStrides is not a medical service provider and its employees do not render medical care or treatment, nor does WorldStrides control the selection, training, or supervision of any medical provider.