What is the Trip Refund Program (TRP)?

The Trip Refund Program (TRP) is offered to registrants for their convenience and protection. The TRP provides a refund of monies paid, if it becomes necessary to cancel in writing at any time 48 hours prior to departure.*

Additionally, the TRP offers job-loss protection and will provide a refund, including the TRP fee, for participants who cancel their program and who provide the required supporting documentation 75 days before the departure date.

The TRP is offered for a fee. At the time of registration, you must choose whether to accept or decline the program. You may also register for this program anytime following registration by contacting our office. If you choose not to participate in the TRP, you will be subject to the cancellation fees outlined in paragraph 6 in the Terms and Conditions if you need to cancel your trip.

USA Student Travel strongly recommends accepting the TRP as a means of protecting your investment.


*Some exclusions may apply. Please inquire.